„Speedy and flexible operations thanks to modular architecture“

With the advent of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data lakes, applications are becoming obsolete much faster than before. In addition, because of the interconnectedness of all systems, replacing them is difficult and expensive for companies. Well-designed architecture addresses these challenges. It meets both customer and internal and regulatory needs. It can flexibly and cheaply combine software-as-a-service or platform-as-a-service with existing solutions and innovations of suppliers. Therefore, our methodology does not differentiate between business, information, data and infrastructure architecture. We consider and work with all components together.

Key methodologies:

  • Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • KPMG Integrated design
  • Modern Architecture - contains a serverless cloud solution, SaaS …

Our approach when
designing architecture

Architecture addresses issues of time and money. How do I gain an income, how much will it cost me, and when can I have it? Therefore, we choose the value stream as the basis.