05. We identify architecture requirements

Why you need to identify architecture requirements

For a smooth transition between idea and implementation, your IT department must know what systems, services, and features you will need for your target solution. Likewise, you will map the impacts on other relevant areas.

Our activities at this stage

  1. With your IT department, discussing your idea of the design target solution.
  2. Formulating various possible solutions for individual IT needs, e.g. systems and functions.
  3. Together with you, selecting together the most suitable IT solution, which will be confirmed with the whole team.


  • A description of the requirements of the proposed design for IT
  • An outline of the implications of the proposed design for other necessary areas (data, legal and compliance)

Useful tips

  • Define the results together with representatives of business and IT departments, ideally in the same room.
  • Determine the level of detail that IT requires from business to identify the impacts on IT.
  • Formulate models, legends, principles and best practices that you will use again in the future.
  • Do not forget about the customer, digital channels, automation, and other priorities, in designing the solution.
  • Avoid patch operating systems. Instead, you should prefer system, flexible and modular solutions.

Most frequently used tools