Case studies

Creating new agile architecture at a bank


Banking is becoming increasingly commoditized. The strength of the relationship with the customer appears to be a source of income and competitive advantage. Therefore, to bring the bank closer to its customers, we helped a leading bank in structuring business and IT architecture for agile organizational change.

Our solution

  • During a series of workshops, we identified customer needs and product and systems categorization, for stable management based on customer needs.
  • We helped them describe the necessary roles for management in a new structure and identify the initial list of change initiatives for teams.
  • Customer requirements included, together with the client, defining a vision for agile functioning.
  • We provided the KPMG Discovery tool for working together on the design and implementation of the solution.


New tribes at the bank were allocated at the beginning with a clear scope of customer interactions, for which they were responsible. In addition, job roles and an estimate of the number of people (for handling the task register/backlog) for recruitment were described, and a plan was devised for the immediate launch of activities.