01. We analyse customer segments and create customer personas

Why you need personas

Thanks to segmentation, you can clearly define the type of customers you are targeting and select those who add the biggest value. Personas help you identify with your customers, understand their needs and expectations, and thus feed these profiles into the unified design.

Our activities at this stage

  1. Gathering customer data from across the firm, for example about transactions, products used, service history and demographic data. A data segmentation using data analysis is then carried out.
  2. Formulating criteria, e.g., profitability, in line with your strategy for selecting the segments you will target.
  3. Developing detailed personas that represent these segments, and then describing how these people behave, how they communicate, what problems they face, and what they expect from your firm.
  4. Verifying the accuracy of the personas through field studies such as mystery shopping, customer shadowing, and surveys.


  • The customer base is divided into segments
  • Detailed customer personas

Useful tips

  • Specify why you are creating the personas and what customer base you need to cover (e.g., during expansion, you are counting not just on the current size of the customer base).
  • Keep the number of personas to a minimum; make sure they are not similar.
  • Consider the information you will need (different firms require different data).

Most frequently used tools

Tip: Download a detailed template for creating a persona