Case studies

Using data for segmentation and digital sales at a car manufacturer


We helped a car maker to introduce new services using client data and auto-connectivity. The company's customers had little interest in existing digital services, and the firm felt that it was lagging behind the competition. The car manufacturer set itself the goal of creating a data platform for planned digital services to enhance the customer experience.

Our solution

Using the integrated design methodology, we designed and implemented two digital services (such as upsell offers) for the client in pilot projects:

  • We identified more than 100 ideas for possible digital services.
  • We developed two services selected for the pilot project, in the form of integrated design (from customer journeys through process to determining IT and compliance requirements).
  • In both cases, we specified the IT requirements in detail and launched the services.
  • We created an implementation plan for service expansion into European markets and compiled marketing packages for dealers.
  • We participated in implementing the data platform, the foundation for the whole project.


  • In two months, we had designed two digital services.
  • Within four months, we had designed and put a data platform into operation.

Thanks to the successful pilot, the car maker managed the implementation of the entire solution in other European markets and used the database for other digital services.