04. We propose processes and design screens for applications

Why you need to design the process

The process diagram is understood by both business teams and IT teams and therefore facilitates communication between them. It will also help you define IT roadmaps for new functions or applications.

Our activities at this stage

  1. Creating a process diagram, showing the main steps of the process, e.g., with help of the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).
  2. Frequently commenting on the process diagram with business players (CX, product managers, etc.), IT and data architects.
  3. Where client applications occur in the process, designing the screens of the application. It starts with wireframes for testing logic and continues with mock-ups of the final designs.


  • A visualized end-to-end process diagram
  • Wireframes and screen mock-ups

Useful tips

  • Across the company, use the same method and tools for the visualization processes. Doing so saves you time and effort.
  • When designing processes, do not forget to involve representatives of business and IT so that both parties can clarify the procedure correctly.

Tools used