Case studies

Design of lean digital processes at a bank


A traditional Czech bank asked us to help design the digitalization of sales processes. The company had failed to reach a younger generation of clients and was aware that technology giants (Amazon, Facebook, etc.) were planning to enter the banking market. The financial institution set itself the goal of fully digitalizing sales and acquisition processes so that they took place entirely in digital channels, without the need to interact with staff or to print contracts.

Our solution

We helped clients to apply integrated design methodology:

  • We mapped the customer journeys of the process.
  • We proposed a redesign of the processes to maximize automation.
  • We mapped new proposals on IT, technology, regulatory framework and commercial conditions.
  • We devised a roadmap for implementation.
  • We produced a manual for the client with basic rules for editing processes. This meant that teams operating in parallel could work on processes in a single document.


  • Over two months, we taught the client to use the integrated design methodology in three processes (such as card blocking), which underwent a successful pilot implementation.
  • Thanks to the manual of rules for process redesign, customers go through a consistent customer experience across various channels, services, and subsidiaries of the organization.