01. We formulate a clear vision and goals

Why you need to define a vision and goals

So that employees understand the benefits of the planned changes. Thanks to clear, unambiguous and measurable goals, the entire implementation team will pull together. These targets will also facilitate the prioritization of activities in implementation, starting with the most important.

Our activities at this stage

  1. Creating a vision for digital transformation. This idea is based on the company's strategy and values.
  2. Proposing financial (e.g., cost savings), non-financial (reducing the error rate), customer (increasing NPS) and cultural goals (enhancing employee experience).
  3. For each goal, defining the activities for fulfilling it.
  4. In addition, recommending identification of the current preparedness of the company for implementing digital transformation (see “Assessing preparedness for digital transformation”).


  • A vision for digital transformation
  • Goals and goal quantification
  • An analysis of digital transformation preparedness

Useful tips

  • Digitalization is a tool, not a goal. You should have clear and bold plans for what you want to achieve. You should always communicate this vision.
  • Remember that every change is reflected in the company's culture and the external perception of the firm.

Methodology applied and tools

  • KPMG P3M Method (Project, Program, Portfolio Management)