05. We link business and IT architecture

Why we map links to IT

We do so to give you a clear idea of which systems you need for value streams to function.

Our activities at this stage

  1. In addition to a description of the customer journey and processes, we include the characteristics of the application services, which support both the customer journey and processes.
  2. Assigning application services to suitable IT components, factoring in the standard focus of these components, thus saving resources and avoiding unnecessary duplication in the portfolio.
  3. For each component, determining whether it will serve a specific value stream only or be shared.
  4. Helping record customer requirements for these services and identifying their impact on back-end systems.
  5. Defining roles in the team, and therefore ensuring the smooth operation of IT components.


  • A description of the necessary value stream functions on a basic level
  • A description of the needs of the front-end, back-end and data architecture of a particular stream

Useful tips

  • Avoid long unproductive discussions. It is better to verify your assumptions in practice, e.g. using Proof of Concept.
  • Always maintain one “place of truth”. Prohibit work in multiple places.

Methodology applied

  • KPMG Integrovaný design
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)