Case studies

Roadmap for digital transformation in the energy sector


We supported a major Czech energy company with starting a major digital transformation. The company's market share had been declining for several years in a row, and the firm had failed to reach new clients. Thus, it set itself the goal of strengthening the customer experience, streamlining internal operations and redesigning processes so that customers could use digital channels for sales and service.

Our solution

We proposed a multi-year digital transformation programme, including:

  • Describing the vision and goals of digital transformation.
  • Describing the scope prioritization aspects, and drawing up transformational roadmaps.
  • Proposing an operational model.

We then helped the client with the transformation processes:

  • Mapping customer journeys (for example, for the new subscription process).
  • Designing new processes.
  • Analysing the impact of new proposals on IT and technology.
  • Drawing up a road map for implementation.


  • Within two months, we had established a programme for digital transformation, to which the client still adheres today.
  • Within four months, we had developed a change in the critical processes of the sales and service model.