03. We define possible process versions

Why you need to consider different process versions

Identify all possible ways through the process. This approach thus makes certain that you do not forget anything.

Our activities at this stage

  1. Indicating the process options, e.g. channels and actors (customer or branch employee).
  2. Using the SIPOC template, we define when the process begins, when it ends, and what inputs and assumptions are applied.
  3. Together, defining the preferred (happy day) and non-preferred (rainy day) scenarios.
  4. Considering what options are worth regularly monitoring, so that you gain a clear indicator of performance.


  • A description of possible pathways through the process (business use cases)
  • A basic description, using SIPOC, of the process

Useful tips

  • If you need to clarify the scope of processes connected with customer interaction, use SIPOC.
  • Do not overlook the “rainy day” scenario. You should consider the problems that could arise; you will improve the customer experience by solving them.

Tool used

Tip: Download the template for business use cases